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Empliant announces Online Benefits Enrollment Promotion to help organizations comply with the Affordable Care Act and to recognize our 15th Anniversary of providing services to our clients

  • FREE CONFIGURATION. No setup fee, a savings of more than $2,500
  • FREE SERVICES. No charge for your first month of online enrollment services
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. 90-day money-back guarantee
  • NO LONG TERM CONTRACT REQUIRED. Cancel at any time
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Why is Empliant offering this Affordable Care Act – 15th Anniversary Online Benefits Enrollment Promotion?

1. To help companies comply with the Affordable Care Act (also known as Health Care Reform)
2. To give companies the opportunity to take advantage of all the operational efficiencies and control that online benefits enrollment delivers, with no upfront cost or obligation to try our services
3. To celebrate our delivering online enrollment services to clients for more than 15 years

Use our Online Benefits Enrollment Promotion to avoid tax penalties

Effective January 1, 2015, Employers with 100 or more full time employees who do not currently offer a health insurance plan, will pay a tax penalty in 2015 equal to $2,000 a year per for each employee over 30 employees. For example, an employer with 100 employees would be subject to a tax penalty of $140,000.

Grab a copy of Empliant’s Free Resource Guide to the Pay or Play mandate in 2015

We’ll show you not only how to calculate the tax penalty… that’s the easy part… anyone can tell you that. Empliant also gives you access to a tool to calculate the cost of Playing. Surprisingly, in most cases, you will find the cost of Paying is greater than the cost of Playing. Our FREE resource guide will show you how and why you can save money by Playing vs. Paying in 2015.