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    Data You Want – When You Need It!

    Includes: Unlimited surveys and questions; multiple survey creators; single-click analysis, reporting, download functions and more…

    Use Empliant Online Surveys and Forms For:
    Human Resources: Business: Services:
    Employee Satisfaction Pre-Meeting Assessment Product Evaluation
    Pre-Employment Screening Post-Meeting Assessment Product Needs Assessment
    Employee Exit Interview Product Evaluation Customer Satisfaction
    Performance Evaluation Meeting Registration Suggestion Box
    Vacation/Leave Request Supply Requisition Work Orders
    Employee Demographics Travel Request Tech Support Request
    Seminar/Training Registration Information Request Product Enhancement Request
    Market Research: General: Training:
    Competitor Research Readership Demographics Needs Assessment
    Product Test Data Membership Opinion Polls Course/Instructor Evaluation
    Advertising Evaluation Climate Survey Course Registration
    B2B Demographics Trends Report Skills Inventory
    Faculty/Course Evaluation Workshop Evaluation Orientation Evaluation
    Faculty Research Adviser Evaluation Placement Center Evaluation
    Graduating Seniors Study Student Services Evaluation Residence Hall/Dining Evaluation
    Placement Testing Co-op Intern Experience Special Event Registration

    Create online surveys and forms, collect and analyze feedback, and make informed decisions based on fact – not vague assumptions. Improve your company’s performance, productivity, and profitability with Empliant’s web-deployed Online Surveys and Forms – the faster, better, more cost-effective way to find out the opinions and specific feedback of your employees, customers, potential customers, and vendors – anytime you need to know.

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    Cost Effective Online Surveys and Forms Save Money

    • Enterprise license – unlimited surveys and multiple administrators
    • Costs only pennies per response; potentially saves thousands of dollars by avoiding poor decisions based on assumption, rather than fact
    • Eliminates costly paper handling and postage
    • Create, publish, and analyze survey data in minutes
    • Ideal for performance feedback, focus groups, event registration, customer satisfaction, market research and other data collection needs

    Empliant Online Surveys and Forms Improve Productivity

        • Identify and address issues your employees and customers value
        • Enables you to take action based on fact — not assumptions
        • Rapidly create surveys with over 75 ready-to-use library samples you can edit
        • 50 pre-built scales and response options facilitate question design.

    Empliant Online Surveys and Forms – As Easy to Use as An ATM!

        • Built-in response option scales make it easy to create surveys in minutes
        • Includes a library of ready-to-use surveys and forms you can edit
        • Create and deploy as many surveys as you want
        • Copy and paste questions directly from text files, like Microsoft WORD

    Powerful Reporting Tools Simplify Analysis of Results

        • Report generator with cross-tabulation analysis
        • Visual analysis tools provide bar and pie charts that present data and percentages
        • Select and compare responses for specific questions across customizable demographics
        • One-click data download to spreadsheet or database
        • Save and easily distribute report as a web page

    No IT Support Required

        • No software to install or maintain
        • Online Tutorial and Instruction Manual
        • Fully Searchable Online Help
        • Onsite Workshop Available for Survey Administrators
        • Application is hosted by Empliant on secure servers