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Use this Survey Features Comparison table to help determine the right tool for your online data collection needs. We’re confident you will choose Empliant!

Legend:  $$ = $200 – 400 option;   $$$ = $400 – 600 option;   $$$$ = > $600 option 

Survey Features Comparison Matrix:
Empliant Super Survey Silver Survey Said Zoomerang zPro Survey View ODRC EZSurvey Pro
Unlimited Questions Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Unlimited Responses Yes No Yes No Yes Yes
Multiple Survey Creators Yes No No No $$$$ $$$
Multiple Authentication Yes No Yes $$ Yes No
Popup Instructions Yes Yes No No No Yes
Graphs of Responses Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cross-tabulation Reporting Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customized Reports Yes No Yes No Yes $$
Statistical Values Yes No Yes No Yes Yes
Upgrades Included $$$$ $$$$ No $$$$ Included
Data Storage Yes Yes Yes $$$ Yes Yes
Download Data Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Annual License $629 $7,748 $5,995 $599 $7,995 None
Response Fees None None Yes Yes $0.02 None
Libraries Included No No Yes No No
Software Costs Included Included Included Included Included $1,395

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