Business Intelligence Captured Through Online Surveys And Data Analysis.​

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Use GMI/Empliant Online Surveys and Forms For:

Human Resources

Employee Satisfaction
Pre-Employment Screening
Employee Exit Interview
Performance Evaluation
Vacation/Leave Request
Employee Demographics
Seminar/Training Registration


Pre-Meeting Assessment
Post-Meeting Assessment
Meeting Registration
Supply Requisition
Travel Request
Information Request


Product Evaluation
Product Needs Assessment
Customer Satisfaction
Suggestion Box
Work Orders
Tech Support Request
Product Enhancement Request

Global Market Research

Customized Market Sector Assessments
Product Testing and Pricing Evaluation
Advertising/Customer Awareness Evaluation
Competitive Research


Readership Demographics
Membership Opinion Polls
Industry or Product Climate Survey
Test and Assessment Surveys


Needs Assessment
Course/Instructor /Host Facility Evaluations
Course Registrations
Test and Assessment Evaluations


Faculty/Course Evaluation
Faculty Research
Graduating Seniors Study
Placement Testing

Workshop Evaluation
Adviser Evaluation
Student Services Evaluation
Co-op Intern Experience

Orientation Evaluation
Placement Center Evaluation
Residence Hall/Dining Evaluation
Special Event Registration

Survey Features

  • Unlimited surveys and questions
  • Enterprise application with multiple survey creators (except Single User service level)
  • Online tutorial, searchable online help, orientation manual
  • Multiple layout options and question types
  • Technical support
  • Access to ready-to-use surveys and forms you can easily edit
  • Rapid survey development with pre-built common response options and scales
  • Single-click for graphs and statistical reporting
  • Powerful cross-tabulation (pivot-table) analysis

Benefits of Using GMI/EMPLIANT Online Surveys

  • Geospatial and other Industry Experts to Guide, Develop and Support Survey Preparation
  • Eliminates costly paper handling and postage
  • Rapid data collection and analysis
  • Improve productivity and accuracy of data collection
  • Take action based on fact, not assumptions
  • Powerful reporting and analysis tools
  • No internal IT support required
  • No software to install or maintain