Learn to deploy Surveys Like a Pro.

All of our Survey Workshops are hands-on, interactive sessions, enabling you to personally experience how to design, create, deploy, and analyze data from an online survey.

All you need to get started

This 3 hour class covers the essentials of Designing and Creating your Survey, including proper use of question formats, question wording, common question flaws to avoid, and performing simple data analysis from the results.

Assuring validity and publishing results

This 2 hour class covers topics such as project management, determining proper sample size, recruiting participants, response rates, more advanced analytics, and reporting of results.

Combination of both workshops

This is offered as one session – 6 hours with a built-in one hour lunch break. Or you may attend the Basic and Advanced workshops as separate sessions, but take advantage of special bundled pricing by purchasing both workshops together.

* Virtual Public Sessions

Formats, Cost, and Scheduling

In our workshops, you will create your own survey, take surveys created by other class participants, and analyze your survey results. Each step of the way, we will teach you how to avoid common mistakes in the data collection process, to ensure your future success.

Discounted group pricing available to licensed subscribers only with 3 or more attendees from the same company/organization. Contact us for details.